Brief.ly is a state-of-the-art link sharing service provided to you free of charge by Name.ly blogging platform.

Founded in 2008, Brief.ly enables you to forward multiple long or short URLs with just one single URL. You can then share this new URL with friends, add more URLs to it or delete it.

The first best places to read about Brief.ly are the following articles describing key features, a paradoxical story of why some smart people are using it, a random link, and the tour page:

Brief.ly also provides the best link opener allowing  pasting and instant opening dozens of links in any browser with just one click:

Unlike other browsers, there is an option to open sites in one page and also to process them in smaller batches not too overload the browser with too many open sites.

Any number of the most recent Atom/RSS/XML feed items can be opened with one click via the import screen:


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Short link: http://✯.ws/~FaLa2$z