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In few words:

Say more with less [links]

In one sentence:

It is better to post 6 links per day that lead to 36 sites via than to spam your readers with 36 links per day.

Why? 36 links posted either on your Facebook wall or Twitter account are certainly too much for an average follower, who is probably subscribed to some other 100 guys like you. People may even tag you as a spammer. 36 links a day is fairly more than three messages from you every hour. We all know where do all spammers end up… How many of your readers will stand it, saying nothing about reading it all?

Can you solve

Now, with you can share the same information, with longer breaks, in small packages too, and yet deliver more. Compiling several sites on one page was never that easy before. Just enter your links, one per line, and will do the rest within a second. Then click and share that jingly link with those readers you treasure.

Enjoy simple and catchy designs with powerful analytical tools to help you with understanding your audience better.

Advantages for publishers:

  • compact way to share dozens of web pages at once
  • dozens of integrated catchy short URLs *
  • possibility to alter, add, remove, re-route ** shared links and/or redirect to other sites
  • create one link, which will open all references in your mailing in one go ***

* – e.g.,,, http://➸.ws/~Yk
** – thus far this is the only major URL-shortener offering this feature
*** – if you have 30 links in your mailing, what are the chances the users will click on more than two?

Advantages for readers:

  • no need to click on many links, everything opens within a single one
  • switch instantly to another embedded site to speed up reading while browsing regular set of sites

All possible @

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Short link: http://✯.ws/~1Nl92$B